Clara Astarloa

Clara Astarloa (Buenos Aires, 1980) has worked and published in the areas of history and literature in Latin America and Spain. She has published short stories and poems in several anthologies, such as Time of Short Stories (Planeta Publishing, 2010), The Best Poems (Imagenta Publishing, 2014), and About Shakespeare (Samarcanda, 2017). Her poetry collection Mandalay (2017) was awarded in 2019 by PROSUR (Programa Sur), the Argentine Government. She has won literary accolades such as the 22nd Hispanic Literary Competition of the University of Seville (2016) and the 7th Young Talent Competition of Planeta Publishing House (2010). Among her literary, historical and documentary translations, she recently translated A Poet in New York by Federico Garcia Lorca (Lantia Publishing, 2018). Poems from her book Winter Garden were made into musical-coral works by the Spanish composer Javier Busto. Clara has a bachelor’s in history (Argentina) and a master’s in creative writing (Spain). She is currently an assistant professor at the Centre for Latin American Studies, Department of International Relations, Goa University

1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680 [email protected]

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