A Remote Austere Speech


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K.V.K. Murthy

K.V.K. Murthy was born in Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh, in 1950. Because his father was a central government servant, his schooling was spread across various towns and cities. A dismal, mediocre alumnus of a distinguished institution (BITS Pilani), Murthy joined State Bank of India in 1973 and retired in 2010. He travelled in Central Asia from 2014 to 2018 and is very proud of it. A few of his poems have been published here and there.

‘K.V.K. Murthy’s reverence for form is everywhere evident in this beautiful book. It is a discipline that makes him unusual in the world of Indian poetry. Note the elegance of his line, and the ease and delight of the rhymes. His long overdue debut is a cause for celebration.’

Jeet Thayil

‘Murthy is a master of the well-mannered line. His affectionate obsession with form marks him as a unique Indian English poet. These poems recover for us a world where every syllable has grace and every thought a cornice and the possibility of shade.’

Sumana Roy

‘K.V.K. Murthy is a lone knight of lyric poetry, steeped to the marrow in its chivalric lore, his noble artistry reasserting its timeless values in the face of the more ephemeral tendencies of current postmodern fashion. So lone a knight is he that he brings out this, his first volume of verse—de facto his selected poems—at a venerable point in his hard and lifelong quest for the holy grail of the lyric imagination. His work keeps alive for us magical secrets others have lost. It deserves to be read slowly, with kind attention.’

Philip Nikolayev


K.V.K. Murthy

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