Irrfan: Dialogues with the Wind


129 mm × 198 mm


*This title will be released on 14 February 2022


Irrfan Khan brought to the art of acting an inner truth and finesse rarely seen before in Indian cinema. As a man, he won the trust and affection of everybody who came in contact with him. As an actor, he inspired a diverse range of younger actors to abandon deception and remain true to their own selves.


Anup Singh, the director of two critically acclaimed films with Irrfan, takes us on a unique journey with this exceptional man and actor. In this book, he offers an intimate glimpse into the working relationship between a director and an actor as they trudge through mutual wariness, uncertainties, and blunders to a friendship founded firmly in creativity. As we travel with them to Punjab and Rajasthan and watch them at work on their films, we see in minute detail the devotion to hard work and the openness to uncertainty that make Irrfan’s performances so hypnotizing.


Anup Singh brings to life each encounter—whether with a hesitant co-actor or a love-struck crew member, a grove that seems to speak to Irrfan, a desert sky teeming with cranes circling overhead, a starving bullock ready to attack—that inspired and energised the gifted actor to continue his passionate dialogue with himself, his audience and the world.

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Anup Singh

Anup Singh is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, who has made three celebrated films, The Name of a River (2003), Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost (2013) and The Song of Scorpions (2017). The last two were with Irrfan Khan. For more than thirty years, he has also been teaching cinema at various universities, film institutions and art schools. 

‘Irrfan Khan. The intensity. The responsibility of the intensity. The silent righteousness of the responsibility. The eloquent eyes of his silent righteousness. If I were to present an actor whose mere appearance could speak its mind with sophisticated elegance, I’d instantly point to Irrfan Khan.’

Amitabh Bachchan

‘This book is a many-splendored thing—a record of Irrfan and Anup’s enduring friendship, a perspective on the artistry of the actor and an insight into the magic of movie-making.’

Anupama Chopra

‘Few would have known Irrfan, the actor and the man, as well as filmmaker Anup Singh, who worked with him through two seminal films—Qissa and The Song of Scorpions. And no one could have brought Irrfan alive in the intuitive way that Anup does, with his achingly poetic and overwhelmingly cinematic book. With his vivid memories, detailed reminiscences, elaborate conversations, delicate affection and astute observations, he intertwines the personal with the professional, the past with the present, in an elegant, stream-of-consciousness narrative. With their travels through the making of the two films and the wanderings in life together, Anup takes us on a journey into Irrfan’s heart, mind and soul.’

Namrata Joshi


Anup Singh

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