How to Get Published Without Doing Research: A Step-by-Step Guide for Scientific and Medical Writers

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Many writers focus on scientific writing based on original research, but overlook other interesting categories that offer good potential for publishing. These alternative categories can help aspiring and experienced writers to not only increase their publications but also save the time required to get published.


Lucid, specific, and practical, this book is aimed at encouraging scientific and medical writers to get published by doing minimal to no data collection. It includes easy-to-follow templates of various publication categories and clear-cut directions on developing these templates into effective manuscripts. The author explains the challenges of publishing research related to extensive data gathering and emphasizes the importance of delving into other equally rewarding ways to become an efficient writer in the sciences. This is a step-by-step guide to conceptualizing and developing letters to the editor, case reports, case series, narrative essays, perspectives, systematic literature review articles, as well as images, photographs, poems, artworks, book chapters, and books. Whether you are submitting your work to scientific journals or contributing to review volumes, this book paves a definite path to enhancing your writing skills, increasing the quality and quantity of your publications, and becoming a successful writer.


Sonal Chandratre

Sonal Chandratre is an assistant professor of pediatric endocrinology in the United States. She also serves in various leadership roles in medical education at a well-recognized medical school campus. A practicing endocrinologist, she is the course director of Foundations of Clinical Medicine (first-year medical students) and founding director of Specialty Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Experience (second-year medical students), Acting Internships (third- and fourth-year medical students), and Medical Writing Elective. She is an innovator in clinical practice and medical education. An international speaker on a variety of subjects in medicine, healthcare, and medical education, she has represented physicians on various platforms, including radio and television. Dr. Chandratre has conducted numerous workshops in regional and national conferences on “How Do I Get Published Without Doing Research?” which has gained immense popularity. She enjoys medical writing and is always eager to collaborate on research and writing projects. She has mentored multiple students and junior faculty in writing manuscripts and has served various committees, including the American Board of Pediatrics, to improve medical education, faculty development, and patient care. Committed to providing the finest care to children, adolescents, and the youth, she continues to explore her varied research interests in pediatric endocrinology, medical education, faculty development, and healthcare.


Sonal Chandratre

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