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We are closed to submissions till the end of 2022 and unable to enter into any correspondence in this regard.

Unsolicited submissions are welcome during our reading period, announced here and on our Facebook Page from time to time.

When submitting a proposal or manuscript, please make sure it is free of grammatical and stylistic errors. A cover letter is expected. In a poetry manuscript, each poem should begin on a new page. Use a simple, legible font, and only one font throughout the manuscript. The body text should be in 11 pt, and poem titles in 14 pt lightface. Titles must be in sentence case. We prefer UK English with single quotes, and closed-up em dashes to spaced en dashes. American authors may use US English.

For nonfiction or fiction, please send a two-page proposal with five sample chapters. Please include a cover letter with your submission. Proposals for incomplete manuscripts will not be considered.

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